Benefits and usage of Zippered bag

Bags have had a long evolution. They are now used not only to carry goods, but also to store products. However, those bags which are used for storing of goods in stores, we no longer call them bags. We call them pouches, and there are many of them. There are different types of pouches and bags. You come across a variety of bags in stores shelves. The zippered bag is one of these. You can get these bags in different designs and shapes, but these are mostly small in size. Small ถุงซิปs are a common site in stores. Produces mostly use these bags for storing food. You can get cooked food, raw food, processed food etc all in such bags. These bags are useful both for manufacturers and retailers. Even consumers love such bags owing to their ease of handling.

Producers mostly use a ถุงซิป for packing food products like processes, semi processed or cooked food items. However, produces also use such bags to pack other items such as electronic and electrical components, home care items, kitchen care items, beauty care items etc.


Food processors love to use a zippered pouch for storing foods except those meant for refrigeration. These bags have re-sealable closure which allows the user to wrap and unwrap the pouch with ease. Such bags create a barrier against moisture, air, odor, oxygen etc. This is the quality that is needed for a container to prevent the food products from degrading. So you can safely use these bags to pack different types of food products. However, if you want to refrigerate the food, you cannot do it since it may not be able to protect the food from moisture and other stuff.

Ease of use

Stores find it easy to store and consumers find it easy to handle. So ease of use is the most significant reason for using a ถุงซิป in packaging food and other products. You can wrap and unwrap the packet very easily.

Easy to store

A zippered pouch can be made in a variety of shapes. The flat bottom, upright bag is a common and popular variety. It has a flat bottom because of which it can stand up on the stores shelves. Such bags or pouches occupy less space and that is why they are popular for stores.


Protection against moisture, oxygen and odor

Food items must be protected against moisture, oxygen and odor to preserve. A ถุงซิป offers protection against all these elements.

Material used in manufacturing a ถุงซิป

A ถุงซิป can be a aluminum foil bag or a metalized bag with a coating of a metal like aluminum or chromium on plastic. The plastic layer can be made of a single sheet or multiple sheets depending on the product to store. In some other bags producers just use a aluminum foil to laminate the inner area of the bag. This is needed to create a barrier against oxygen, light and moisture as well as to make the bags heat sealable.