Divorce rate during the holidays

They say that if the relations are good, at the end of the summer they are better, but if they are bad, the days of the holidays take their toll and it ends in separation in the fall. The statistics confirm it.

How about your partner after the holidays?

Vacations should unite the couple more, but it is at this time that we have more continuous contact with our partner and we put our communication skills to the test, our ability to resolve conflicts when there are many problems that are dragged throughout the year. Do you have your divorce booked in September¬†fighting over your kid’s ?The divorce is increasing un stoppably since its legalization in 1981. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, where the proportion of divorces has increased more in the last decade – almost 40 percent since 1996-.

The data clashing:

This data clashes, however with another: Spain is the country of the European Union where the trend to the duration of marriage is longer: an average of 13.8 years.Philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists say that we are a profoundly hedonistic society. The desire for independence mixed with selfishness and the ‘culture of no effort’? There is important advice from a divorce attorney that the shots must go there; independence and power are above any other motivation, including ethical or moral value.” Do we really want everything easy, beautiful and fast? Are we prepared to fight for something that does not bring immediate satisfaction? “We do not like dependency in any of its forms, nor ageing, we are individualists in that sense,” concludes this expert.

Blame game:

Psychologists and therapists always explain that many couples blame their relationship problems on lack of time, stress and overwork, and think that when summer comes they will smooth things, but it is not always the case, but that often the opposite happens. We can say that many times, after the holidays, there is a disappointment and a greater desire for separation. How is it possible? “We have more free time and more energy to take the pulse of the relationship, while the rest of the year we work in ‘automatic mode’ because we have all our busy time – work, home, children, schools, social or family commitments, etc. conflicts not resolved-do not disappear by magic, they come to light on vacation with all their strength.

What to do so that the summer does not pass the bill?

Our psychologist offers us some help: Plan together, prioritizes the family that you have created, since they are the exclusive bond of a couple, balance the time to be together with their own time for each one. There is some other ingredient and that Divorce lawyer in Harris County has. The independence that couples maintain during the year is compromised, since it is a shared time, common, with the children, the respective families. Something that has repercussions, especially in couples that are not cohesive or without a real commitment or in couples whose members do not want to accept the fact that when you pair up with someone you do it, somehow, with him or her and all their circumstances Рfamily, friends, work.